The power of networks - by Gillian Peacock

Feb 16 2017

This morning I spoke at a breakfast networking session about the power of networks.I talked about Network Science, understanding our networks and the...

The Return on Trust - by Bernie White

Jan 27 2017

A great article in HBR this month (January/February 2017) on the Neuroscience of Trust. It was interesting to see Professor Paul J Zak identifying the...

Trust is the missing link - by Gillian Peacock

Jan 25 2017

I participated in a leadership development programme last year.  I thought it would “fill in” my leadership gaps but found that in this learner l...

Change on the front-line – a Conversation with Lisa - by Bernie White

Jan 27 2017

 Lisa works in IT for a large public sector organisation that is increasingly implementing digital solutions to deliver greater public value. She and...

Challenge the gender gap – by Gillian Peacock

Mar 07 2017

We celebrate International Women’s day today (8 March) and yesterday I heard the Deputy Prime Minister, The Honourable Paula Bennett talk about how...